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Roland Dyens, Songe capricorne, classical guitar Nataly Makovskaya 
12:48am 09/11/2009

Happy Birthday... 
09:07am 30/06/2005
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to Lars Lannerback aka Yngwie Malmsteen :)
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12:45am 01/10/2004
  < Mod: Not spamming. I am a Malmsteen fan, just trying to promo his buddy EJ for the street team's upcoming concerts! >

Hey, people I don't know!

I'm Kelsie and I'm a street team member for Eric Johnson, a world-renowned guitarist.

I don't live anywhere near you if you're capable of going to the concerts I'm about to list, but I am trying to promote some of Eric's upcoming shows on his acoustic piano/guitar tour.

If you're interested, follow the cutCollapse )
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I posted this in each and every community with Yngwie listed as an interest 
11:33am 07/08/2004
  so perhaps posting in here as the last one is the most satisfying.

Join musical_mangle today. That is, if you're man enough. Just think of what Yngwie would do.

A true hero.

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07:12am 07/08/2004
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hello, the name's brenda. i took the chance of typing yngwie into the search box. i was supprised to find anything on him at all. i am NOT suprised that there is not much to this community though. i will gladly promote it in my lj info and in posts. i'm sure i'll get at least someone to join. AND, i always seem to have something to say about everything, so i will make another post soon, something we can actually discuss. :) have a nice day.

Just a quick promotion 
12:48pm 09/07/2004
  Any serious guitarists looking for another good guitar community, check out realguitars.  It is a ratings community, but if you aren't a noob they might  accept you.  
12:29am 11/03/2004
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Yeah...right on for making an Yngwie community!

I must say I was introduced by the "Rising Force 'Marching Out'" LP I found at a thrift store one day...it just looked like hair metal 80's cheese....yes, it was...but I am amazed by his guitar stylings...

I do hear he is quite an asshole to work with and he gained a shitload of weight over the years but I like his music non the less...it's great 80's cheese that I really do like to listen to...I also dig his stuff with Alcatrazz but I can't stand the guy who does vocals...yeah, well De Soto isn't that much better now is he? Oh well....Rock on Yngwie!!!

Fav song : Fire and Ice...catchy...great guitar solo!
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Promote This Community (Announcement) 
10:44pm 05/03/2004
  As you can see this community currently has no posts of any huge significance. For those of you who would like to see the community expand please post something in your journals or try to promote it in some way. If you do this and more members join then I will make you a moderator, however, only one of you can get this! So let me know what you have done exactly.
All of the above also applies to my other community, stevevai. Please note that this is not the place to promote your own communities, posts with lj user tags will be deleted, unless it is not seen necessary to do so by a moderator.
Welcome To The Yngwie Malmsteen Live Journal Community (Announcement) 
08:27pm 01/01/2004
  Welcome and thank you for visiting. Please if you have not already done so, read the rules on the information page. Enjoy your stay with the Yngwie Malmsteen Live Journal community.  
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