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Yeah...right on for making an Yngwie community!

I must say I was introduced by the "Rising Force 'Marching Out'" LP I found at a thrift store one just looked like hair metal 80's cheese....yes, it was...but I am amazed by his guitar stylings...

I do hear he is quite an asshole to work with and he gained a shitload of weight over the years but I like his music non the's great 80's cheese that I really do like to listen to...I also dig his stuff with Alcatrazz but I can't stand the guy who does vocals...yeah, well De Soto isn't that much better now is he? Oh well....Rock on Yngwie!!!

Fav song : Fire and Ice...catchy...great guitar solo!
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Hardly anyone is on this community yet, hopefully word will spread though. Anyway its good to see you here : )
I wouldn't worry about it...odds are as time passes on that more people will join. I will do what I can to pass the word around...thanks for the welcome!
i uh, found it by typing his name in the search thing. I Am A Viking gets stuck in my head alot...
I just searched for Malmsteen then & found this community. The end.
ah yes, he did gaing some weight. I got to see him along with George Lynch in concert in Houston back in March. Omg, so friggin loud, so friggin awesome. His stomach was hangin over his pants but he can still play great. My friend who went with me caught one of the many picks he threw off stage, i didnt get one though :( oh well, it was an awesome experience, i wanted to see him when he was with G3 but they never came to houston.
I've been a fan since the "Trilogy" album came out.

The man is a freak'n genius.
I am a fan since I've heard his "Seventh Sign" ))

before that I've always thought that Blackmore was the greatest guitar player in the world )) now there are two of them for me )))